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Become an Opinion Leader

Those with certain key types of jobs can positively influence how others think about cannabis. If your career falls into this category and you want to be a voice for change, let us know!

Passing any law is hard work. Ending cannabis prohibition through lawmakers in Springfield will be more challenging than most, and we need the help of people just like you. If you’d like to join the team making it happen here in Illinois, please tell us about yourself and where you can help.

This is so that we can determine who your legislators are and will not be shared publicly.
Organizations you're involved in (if any):
I’m willing to help start a discussion about my organization’s support.

I am:
If none of the above, please describe:
How might you want to get involved? (Check any that apply.)
Help convince my organization(s) to endorse the coalition
Meet with my state legislators
Testify in favor of the bill
Write op-eds or letters to the editor
Collect signatures or postcards in support of legislation
Participate in a phone bank
Table at events
Speak with groups such as civic organization, churches, or other groups
Help get the word out through social media

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