Marijuana companies can rarely open accounts at Illinois banks. Lawmakers want to change that.

As Illinois lawmakers move toward legalizing marijuana for recreational use, state Treasurer Michael Frerichs is pushing legislation to make it easier for banks to work with weed companies.

Illinois Legalization Demand and Sources of Supply

At the request of Illinois State Senator Steans and State Representative Cassidy, Freedman & Koski wrote a snapshot analysis of the current demand for adult use cannabis in Illinois.

Demand for legal marijuana in Illinois would far exceed licensed growers' ability to supply it, study shows

Legal recreational marijuana in Illinois could drive demand as high as 550,000 pounds a year, far more than the state’s licensed growers can supply, according to a new study commissioned by state legislators.

Editorial: Climate right for legalizing marijuana in Illinois

The climate is right. High on the list of changes planned by Gov. J.B. Pritzker is the statewide legalization of recreational marijuana. The timing for the legislation is even more favorable now than before the election.

Denver 'Having Success' Regulating Legal Marijuana, Mayor Says

“This new report demonstrates Denver’s coordinated approach between multiple agencies to manage marijuana is working,” Hancock said in a press release. “We took on the daunting challenge of becoming the first major city in America to manage legalized recreational marijuana and we are having success."

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